Möbius 2014 – 2021 Möbius is an accumulating, multi-chapter photographic archive of works that draw on places that become familiar to me during the course of familiar walking, running or driving routes in disparate locales. The photographs take the a viewer through an inescapable loop of generic and abstracted places that are simultaneously familiar to me and divorced from any immediate time and place.
The title recalls the concept of the Möbius Strip – a half-twisted, dual sided loop that can be traversed in one fluid path – covering both sides of the surface without ever crossing over the edge – and returning to the starting point. I use this concept metaphorically in that the act of walking, running, or traveling will always see me returning to where I started from but having changed, seeing the unexpected, the strange or surreal. The viewer is invited to imagine which images might come from the reality we know and which images might come from the journey on the alternate side of the Möbius strip. The work began during a period of constant personal and professional transition for my wife and I and will continue at least until 2021, and perhaps beyond – depending on what the future holds.