I recently returned from a week long Art+Science symposium at École Polytechnique outside of Paris that was held in conjunction with faculty from UC Davis. Working in a lab for a week with physicists Jean Marc-Chomaz (of the Polytechnique) and Prof. Steward Dalziel (Cambridge University) as well as other graduate fellows and assistants we considered how to use art and science to respond to the prompt of “A Microclimate of One.”

Making any finished art project in such a compressed period of time is quite a task, but we ultimately ended with using Dalziel’s invention of synthetic Schlieren Photography that images heat radiating off of a person’s skin was a fascinating start. Without getting too much into detail, we created a photo-booth style set up that would let people be imaged in a way where the boundaries of their body aren’t hard set anymore, which has a lot of metaphorical potential. Here’s to hoping we can refine the work over the course of time. We’ll see.

Also, so much good new music as of late: