Overwhelming show that I wish I could visit a few times. Lots of fascinating work but so much temporal stuff that appreciating all of the video pieces would be unreasonable in a visit, so I focused on what I’m mostly into – the 2-d.
Highlights from the show – showing my bias towards 2-D work of course…

Petra Cortright’s Digital Paintings on aluminum
Sophia Al-Maria: Black Friday (The only installation piece I’m listing here but the visual impact of the phones on the floor is striking, to say nothing of the accompanying video)
Stan Douglas: A66A
Constant Dullaart – pieces from “Jennifer in Photoshop”
Amalia Ulman’s Instagram update large prints
Joel Holmberg’s genre paintings of internet screens
Mendi + Keith Obadike’s “Blackness for Sale” internet performance/monitor installation
Erin Hayden’s “Reading” 2015 painting
Douglas Coupland’s Delaware + Texas A+M paintings
Jon Rafman’s 9 eyes / google earth prints