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The ‘Environmental’ Model as a Philosophical Framework for Analyzing Everyday Aesthetics as Environmental Communication

” ‘Environment’ literally signifies material nature; this connotation, in its own turn, informs the other side of ‘environment,’ the ‘environment’ metaphor.”

“The mediated effect physical nature has on communication is reflected back to it by the negotiating and tranformative power of environmental communication. Symbols, informed by nature, have the power to shape human minds, which, in their turn, act directly upon it.”

Only phenomenology, in our case represented by Arnold Berleant’s reflections upon phenomenology, art and nature, had a tendency to challenge anthropological views about nature and to claim for instituting an equilibrated, nonhierarchical relation between humans and nature, thus “stitching the human back into the fabric of the Earth.”

Environmental Communication Theories: Tema Milstein